5th Gen Prelude PH2B Install

5th Gen Prelude PH2B Install Guide Here are the details on what to do once you receive your PH2B kit and are ready to install it.  As always if you have any questions about the install please do not hesitate to ask.  Besides your PH2B kit you will also need a B series hydro trans, […]

K24 Crank in H Block (Rod and Piston Tech)

So there is alot of buzz about our modified 99mm K24 crankshaft kits going into an H series block.  One of the most common questions is “What rod and piston combo do I use?”  The best answer I feel is custom for both, though there is an OEM option.  We will discuss the pro’s and […]

Rosko Racing Upper Plenum Install Guide

If you have purchased one of our upper plenums, first of all we thank you for the business!  Here is a quick walk around of our upper plenums to show whats what as far as vac lines, brake booster fittings and the iacv system go.  If you are installing one of these manifolds use this […]

K2H >> K Series RBC/RRC Manifolds Modified for H Series

The K series RBC and RRC manifolds have been a popular choice for people wanting to do the K2H intake manifold conversion on their H series engines.  Though I no longer regularly make some of these parts, they are always available on a made to order basis.  Below I will list the menu of options […]

H22 Euro-R FAQ’s

Here are some FAQ’s that focus on the installation of one of our Euro-R intake manifolds: Will I need to do any modifications to the manifold once I receive it? Nope. The manifold itself will be ready to bolt on, all you will need to do is mount your existing H22 fuel rail and injectors, […]

K24 Crank >> H series Block. The Modifications:

Installing a K24 crankshaft in an H series block isn’t as straightforward as other setups. The biggest challenges are the oil pump drive, and the fact that the snout of the crank is about an inch shorter. In this post we will go over the modifications that we do to all of our K24 crankshafts […]

92-01 Prelude PH2B kits FAQ’s

Rosko Racing has been working hard over the past few years to bring an H2B kit specifically designed for the 92-01 Honda Prelude to market. The kit has been prototyped I our 1992 Honda Prelude and the production pieces are in process. This FAQ will address some of the common questions concerning the PH2B swap […]

DIY H22 Intake Manifold Parts

If you are wanting to build your own H22 upper plenum then we have the parts to do it. Here is just an example of a setup we did for a customer who wants to build his own forward facing intake manifold. Our billet plenum flange creates a solid foundation to build your plenum on. […]

K24 Crankshaft Modifications for H series Engines FAQ’s

I’ve been asked many times over the years if I offer a “kit” to install the Honda/Acura K24 99mm stroke crankshaft in an H series block.  I have been running the K24 crankshaft for the past several seasons in my H series block with great success, but until now I have not offered the setup […]

Measuring Piston CC’s

I had the opprotunity to get out the burret and measure the dome of a piston today so I thought that I would snap some pics along the way and share the process of just how that is done.  This piston is from a friends build, its a modified shelf piston so the exact CC wasnt […]