Euro-R Intake Manifold Parts Guide


We get a ton of questions about the Euro-R intake manifold when it comes to what parts are needed.  In most cases there are several options you can choose based on how you want the manifold setup.  We have put together this step by step guide that addresses each aspect of the manifold.  Each step will let you know the different parts that are available and why you may want to choose one over the other.  Note that most of these parts are intended for off road use and may not be emissions compliant.  If you are still stuck on what to order we are always an email away with any questions you may have.


Idle Air Control Valve Options

The Idle Air Control Valve is what helps your engine maintain a steady idle. From the factory the JDM H22 Euro-R uses a 3 wire IACV, which isn't compatible with our USDM ecu's or wiring. Here you have the option of running a regular USDM H22/23 IACV with an adapter plate (IACV Adapter) on the rear of the manifold. With the IACV mounted on the rear of the manifold there may be clearance issues in your chassis if space is limited. If your existing H22 swap is extremely close to the firewall as is, then you will probably want to go with the IACV relocation kit instead. The relocation kit uses a low profile aluminum plate that attaches to the iacv provision on the rear of the manifold and remotely locates the iacv with a separate plate so it can be mounted out of the way. If you wish to delete the IACV altogether then you can go with the blockoff plate.

H22 Euro-R IACV Adapter Plate

H22 Euro-R IACV Blockoff Plate

H22 Euro-R IACV Relocation Kit


EGR Valve Options

The H22 Euro-R manifold will accept any H series EGR valve.  If you plan to delete the EGR system you will want to go with out H22 EGR valve blockoff plate, part # 300-012

H22 EGR Valve Blockoff Plate


EGR Cover Plate Option

The H22 Euro-R's EGR system distributes the EGR gasses to the manifold runners via ports in the top side of the runner. A cover plate is used for the top half of these ports/passageways that are cast into the manifold. The cover plate is hollow on the underside and creates a pathway for the EGR gas to flow from the EGR valve to the runners.  If you purchased a complete Euro-R engine it is very possible that you already have the cover plate installed.  If your cover plate is missing, we offer a billet version that offers the same functionality, only because the OEM pieces are nearly impossible to source.  Our cover plate is much thinner and allows you to adapt a blacktop H22 fuel rail (we will cover in the next step).  The OEM cover plate has a small clearance issue but that can be easily addressed.  If you choose to not run a cover plate at all you will at least want to plug the 4 holes that go into the manifold runners to avoid a massive vacuum leak.

H22 Euro-R EGR Cover Plate


Fuel Rail Options

The H22 Euro-R manifold uses a slightly different fuel rail and injector configuration and unfortunately the typical H series fuel rail doesn't bolt right up to the manifold on its own. If you wish to run your existing USDM H22 or JDM H22 (blacktop) fuel rail then you would want to purchase the "usdm fuel rail adapter" from our store. The adapter is setup to use a stock H series fuel rail and stock H22 injectors (typical USDM or JDM injectors). It will also accept an AEM brand fuel rail. If you are running a BDL brand fuel rail then you should order the "BDL rail adapter" kit. Note: If you are using the OEM Euro-R cover plate there is a small clearance issue between the middle mounting point of the H series fuel rail and the OEM cover plate. This can be easily ground away, but care needs to be taken so that the fuel rail is never allowed to touch or be resting on the cover plate.

We also have many options for billet fuel rails specifically for the Euro-R intake manifold.  Our most popular is the H22 Euro-R rail for Acura RDX injectors.  The RDX injectors are 410cc and are a great option for most mild setups.  Our rail kit for these makes them an easy install.  Note:  You will not be able to run the EGR valve with these fuel rails.  We have rails available for the oem blacktop H22 injectors as well.

H22 Euro-R Fuel Rail Adapter For AEM/Stock Style Fuel Rails

H22 Euro-R Fuel Rail Adapter For BDL Style Fuel Rails


Throttle Cable Bracket

The H22 Euro-R manifold also uses a slightly different throttle cable bracket. Since these are also not available in the US, we have designed a replacement very similar to the OEM version and modeled the mounting spacing (throttle body to cable bracket) after a USDM H22 manifold. If you are currently running an H22 manifold/swap and your current throttle cable is the correct length, you will have no issues using the Euro-R throttle cable bracket either.  IF you are lucky enough to have the oem Euro-R throttle cable bracket already attached to your manifold that will work just fine as well.  We always recommend the Prelude throttle cable bracket as the best fitting (97-01 Prelude)

H22 Euro-R Throttle Cable Bracket


Intake Air Temp Sensor

The IAT sensor is a necessity, but the Euro-R uses a different version of the sensor than our USDM H22 intake manifolds. On the H22 Euro-R the sensor is threaded and screws into the front side of the intake plenum, however it does use the same electrical plug/wiring. You can purchase the sensor at any US Honda dealer as it also came on many US vehicles.

H22 Euro-R OEM Intake Air Temp Sensor


Besides adding parts you will also want to have a look at our Euro-R intake manifold modifications guide as there are several physical modifications that are/can also be done to the Euro-R intake manifold.

Manifold Modifications




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