Fuel Rail Banjo Connection

Fuel Rail Banjo Connection


The majority of our fuel rails are supplied with a banjo fitting for connecting to a stock Honda fuel line.  The banjo fitting threads into the fuel rail using a -8AN thread and seals with an o-ring, this type of connection is called an O.R.B. or "o-ring boss" type fitting.  The smaller end of the fitting is where you would connect the stock banjo fitting attached to your factory fuel line.  For an H-Series this thread is an M12x1.25mm.  The nut and crush washers are not supplied with our fuel rail.  The banjo fitting can be installed in either end of the fuel rail.  In some swaps it is neccesary to extend or replace the factory fuel line with a longer line to reach.


The banjo nuts can be reused from the current swap or purchased new from Honda.  New crush washers should always be used.  The Honda OEM part #'s are as follows:

H series: 90201-PD1-000

OEM crush washers: 90428-PD6-003


Assembled View:




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