H22 Aluminum Valve Cover  **Pre-Order #3 see details below**
H22 Aluminum Valve Cover  **Pre-Order #3 see details below**
H22 Aluminum Valve Cover  **Pre-Order #3 see details below**
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H22 Aluminum Valve Cover **Pre-Order #3 see details below**

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H22 Valvecover group buy #3

Something we have always wanted to do was to build a machined aluminum valve cover for the H22 and here it is!  Fully CNC machined and profiled from a solid block of aluminum.  As with all of our products we have put in many many hours developing this and we think you will be pleased with the final result!  These will be sold for a limited time only and will require a minimum of 10 units sold before we start production.  If we do not meet the minimum required within a reasonable time frame all monies will be fully refunded.  Please email with any questions before placing your order.  Once we start production we will not allow refunds on this product.  Cutoff date for orders and refunds is August 6th, 2021.  We are limiting this run to 20 units and will not be making extras.  First come first served.



2 baffled -10AN ports in the front

2 baffled -10AN ports in the back

Machined aluminum oil cap, threaded -12AN, black anodized

Overall height under 2" for maximum clearance

Asymmetrical design, H22 reverse head friendly

Finish in standard Black anodize or raw aluminum.  I highly recommend the black anodize to protect the surface.  If you want raw finish just know that it will not stay as shiny and pretty over time.  If you wish to have the VC anodized a custom color feel free to do so!  We are only offering one color to keep costs down and to keep it simple.  All oil caps will be black anodized.

As an option we have manufactured a coil hold down plate for K series Type-S coils.  Remove the plate and you can use traditional H Series plug wires.  Install the plate and you can bolt on K series Type-S ignition coils.  The plate also reverses so coils will face the correct direction on reverse head setups.  IF the valvecover is ordered as raw aluminum, the coil plate will be provided that way as well.  


**Pre-order details.  We are setting the cuttoff deadline for these as August 6th, 2021.  We need at least 10 units to make this a go, if we do not reach that goal then at our discretion we will cancel the project and all monies will be refunded.  We are capping these to 20 units total so first come first serverd.  We will not be making extra so your order isn't placed by the 6th, or if we have sold out before then you will miss out.  Production will start shortly after and will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete the batch.  No refunds will be given after the 6th, no exceptions.  Ask any questions before placing your order please. 

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