Rosko Racing was officially started by me, Shawn Roskilly, in 2007. The mission then was to provide Honda H series enthusiasts with a solution to modifying their own Euro-R intake manifolds. Using my extensive background and resources as a machinist I was able to design and develop several parts to do just that. Growing from IACV adapter plates and EGR blockoff plates, Rosko Racing quickly offered the entire manifold for sale in as close to "ready to bolt on" as you can get. Since then Rosko Racing has added several more of its own products, as well as products from other manufacturers. The majority of products that you will find on my website are products that I have personally used, tested, raced with, and have been dealing with since getting into Hondas back in 1999. It's a good feeling to be able to sell a product that you have designed and built, but it is even better to see that product go down the drag strip or around a track and turn on that win light. That's what really drives me and I enjoy it greatly when customers of mine get to experience that same feeling!
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